If you don’t have an admin, 
you are an admin.  
Kevin Kruse 
No one is more cherished in this world 
than someone who lightens the burden of another.  
Thank you. 
Author Unknown 
Time is more valuable than money.  
You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. 
Jim Rohn 
Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong.  
Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. 
Paulo Coelho 
Why do YOU need a virtual assistant (PA) service? 
Do you have? 
Tasks or responsibilities that you are too busy to do? Is this due to an expanding workload? Or that you cannot hire an employee or get the right staff? 
Can’t do, as you are frequently away from the office?  
Or have no interest in doing? As you have no time for jobs that don’t create revenue. 
If the answer is “YES”, 
then that is where we come in! 

Who are we? 

Advextra VA offers a Virtual Assistant (PA) service. We provide flexible and efficient support to professionals and SMEs. 

What we do? 

We can carry out client contact; office skills; personal assistant or lifestyle management; and technical services for your business. 

The benefits of using a virtual assistant (PA) 

Cost effective 

You don’t have to pay for holiday pay, breaks, sickness pay, pension, National Insurance, PAYE, recruitment, training, health and safety, or travelling time. No operational space or equipment to provide or organise. No employment issues. - No fixed costs for your back office function. Your virtual assistant (PA) is a self-employed professional and a good temporary staff solution. 

Increase in sales and profits 

You can be working on revenue jobs and focusing on growing and improving your business.  This is instead of concentrating on overwhelming admin which can be left to your virtual assistant (PA).  Your virtual assistant (PA) can be a great benefit to your business, as they will treat your own business success as their own business success. All with total confidentiality, passion and reliability. 

Value for money 

You only pay for what you get, for the hours your virtual assistant (PA) works on a task or project customised to you. And if you charge more per hour for your services than you pay your virtual assistant (PA) you make money by not having to do those routine or time consuming tasks. - 100% tax deductible. 

Saves time 

You can concentrate on your workload or doing things that you never have time for by delegating certain aspects of your work to your virtual assistant (PA). - Creating a work life balance and less stress.  Therefore being able to concentrate on improving your business, or spending quality time with family or friends, or by being able to take time out for leisure pursuits. 


You can choose to use your virtual assistant (PA)’s services occasionally or regularly, as there is only the initial one hour commitment. - No admin task is too big or too small. An extra set of hands for you when you need it at your convenience for holiday periods, or an unexpected project or staff absence. 

Access to skills 

You have access to a wider range of skills resulting from good office based experience and knowledge. Your virtual assistant (PA) can often suggest better ways of doing admin things as they can see the bigger picture.  Your virtual assistant (PA) will work closely with you to achieve full completion of the admin task set, as they will be committed and dedicated to do so. 

Call us today on 0161 655 4151 

If you need help with things like - invoicing, letters, typing, diary management, email management, data input, corporate events administration, appointment booking, filing systems, etc. This will help you gain more hours in the day and organise the chaos by having someone that you can delegate these to. If you prefer, we can come on site if you are in the North Manchester area (Ashton-under-Lyne, Bury, Oldham, or Rochdale). 
After all, how much is your time worth? 
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